Novinceram Exhibition at Tehran Expo 1397


Novinceram Kavir, Being a pioneer brand in the quality and diversity of the Chinese health market in Iran, the Middle East and the Gulf region is on its agenda, aiming for this goal by utilizing well-thought-out people and the owner of the idea of designing and improving the quality of their products. benefits.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

It does not sacrifice quality products above the national standard and, by identifying, understanding and anticipating the needs of customers and consumers of their products, as well as continuing care and support of customers, are trying to further their satisfaction.

Continued on the market and timely delivery of products

It undertakes to provide the products according to the contract made to its customers. Availability for customers is a lasting commitment to the new Ceram, and the establishment of a strong and efficient distribution network across the country and the international community is an achievement that has been made to enhance this value.

Continuous promotion of technical knowledge

Providing the necessary platform for improving the level of knowledge and technical and specialized skills of personnel and the implementation of motivational arrangements in the organization is a value that New Ceram is pursuing to continuously improve the quality control of products.

Products Categorization

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